Root Canal Treatment

For years, root canals have been one of the dental treatments patients fear most. Just the words “root canal” can strike fear into the heart of any dental patient, but the fact is that with today’s techniques, a root canal at our Murrieta dental office doesn’t have to feel any different than having a tooth filled.

You Can Trust Our Experience and Friendly Patient Care

Dr. Prais has years of experience in performing many successful, stress-free root canals. Our practice philosophy is based on building personal, trusting relationships with our patients, and we think it makes a world of difference.

We’ve designed our office to be calm and comfortable, and our team will go out of their way to help you feel like a valued member of our family. When you visit us for any type of treatment, you can be confident that we are completely focused on you and your needs.

Root Canals Protect and Preserve Your Teeth

Root canals may be misunderstood, but there is no doubt that they play an important part in preserving your oral health. When you experience the pain associated with a root canal infection, you know that something serious is happening within your tooth. If the problem is not treated quickly, there’s a very good chance you will lose the tooth.

What’s Involved With Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal is located deep within your tooth and contains the pulp and nerves of the tooth. Severe decay and periodontal infection can penetrate the root canal, threatening the entire tooth structure. At this point, root canal therapy is necessary to save your tooth and eliminate pain.

First, Dr. Prais will numb the area to make sure you remain completely comfortable throughout the procedure. The infected material within the root canal will then be removed using special instruments.

Once we are sure that the infection has been cleared away, the area will be filled and sealed. If the tooth has been weakened by damage, we may recommend a dental crown for further strength and protection.

Emergency Root Canal Treatment

Severe tooth pain that continues to worsen is a definite sign that you may need a root canal. In any event, it is a signal that you need immediate treatment. If you experience this type of pain, please contact our Murrieta dental office as soon as possible. We will get you in for treatment as soon as possible (usually the same day) so you can get the relief you need and we can do whatever is necessary to save your tooth.

A root canal does not have to be a stressful experience, and our team will do everything we can to make sure that your treatment is comfortable and stress-free.