Digital X-Rays

When it comes to prevention, x-rays are one of the most valuable diagnostic tools we have. They allow us to see deep into your tooth and underneath your gums. Finding and  dealing with problems as soon as possible allows us the opportunity to eliminate gum disease before you even notice any symptoms.

Safe, Efficient Digital X-Rays

Our Murrieta dental office is equipped with a digital x-ray system that minimizes patient exposure to radiation and maximizes our ability to detect developing problems deep within your teeth. While advances in dental technology have reduced radiation levels emitted by routine x-rays, we have chosen digital x-rays to further protect our patients.

Digital x-rays make routine exams safer because they provide all the information we need yet focus only on the small area being x-rayed. In fact, digital x-ray systems can use up to 90% less radiation than conventional film-based systems. With no film to develop with harsh chemicals, digital x-rays are also better for the environment. 

The potential for stray radiation is virtually non-existent with digital x-rays, but we provide all patients with a lead-lined, full-body apron for further protection.

What Are Digital X-Rays Used For?

  • Identifying problems like decay, damage to bones in the jaw that hold your teeth in place, and dental trauma resulting from an accident.
  • Determining the exact location of teeth that have not erupted from the gum properly, such as wisdom teeth  
  • Locating abscesses or cysts
  • Observing the location and position of your child’s permanent teeth developing within the jaw
  • Developing a treatment plan for extensive or complex procedures like root canals, dental implant placement, and tooth extraction
  • Planning orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth

What Are Other Advantages of Using Digital X-Rays?

Traditional x-ray film can look murky, making it difficult for you to see problem areas clearly. With digital x-rays, however, the image of the area being x-rayed is projected directly on our computer monitors, and you can see exactly what we see. When you can visualize the problem clearly, it is easier for you to understand why you need treatment and why we suggest the treatment we do.

The digital x-ray system can accurately pinpoint problem areas. Tools built into the software improve the analysis of the images. This is not possible with traditional x-ray film. You get more information with less radiation.

Images taken using the digital x-ray system are stored on a hard drive and can be retrieved easily for printing or emailing to a specialist or your insurance company. Digital images can be stored forever, and using our back-up system, your records will never be lost.

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