Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Do you have old silver fillings that have darkened and discolored over time, detracting from the appearance of your smile? Would you like to have them replaced with fillings that match the rest of your teeth? At our Murrieta dental office, our goal is to provide treatments like tooth-colored fillings that restore oral health and improve the look of your smile.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, at some point you will most likely need a tooth filled. Today, we can create attractive fillings using durable composite material that enhances your smile and protects your oral health.

The advantage of using composite fillings is that they can be color-matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth. Composite fillings blend so perfectly with your natural teeth that no one will know that you’ve had any work done. In fact, fillings made using composite material look so real that even you may not be able to tell the difference!

Because of their natural appearance, tooth-colored composites can be used to resolve a number of other dental concerns:

  • Repairing broken or cracked teeth
  • Filling in minor chips
  • Altering the shape of irregular teeth
  • Filling in gaps between teeth
  • Replacing darkened or deteriorating silver fillings

Preserving Healthy Tooth Structure

One of our goals is to keep your teeth strong and functional for many, many years. No matter what treatment we provide, we do everything possible to preserve as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible. Composite material helps us achieve this goal since we need to remove only a minimal amount of your natural tooth to place a strong, resilient filling.

Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Prais uses only tooth-colored material for dental fillings. Amalgam fillings were used for many years because of their strength, but they are rather obvious and unattractive compared to tooth-colored fillings.

Many people today are concerned about the presence of mercury in amalgam fillings, but there are other drawbacks as well. Amalgam fillings tend to darken over time, further detracting from the appearance of your smile. They also can shrink and pull away from the inside of your natural tooth, potentially leading to further breakage and damage to the tooth.

Regarding the safety of amalgam fillings, it should be noted that several public health agencies like the FDA, CDC, and the American Dental Association have confirmed the safety of amalgam for dental fillings.

Your Treatment, Your Way

When it comes to any treatment at our Murrieta dental office, we want you to be an active participant in achieving your oral health goals. Our friendly professional team will explain your treatment plan and answer provide all the information you need. We want you to feel completely confident with your decisions about your dental treatment.

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